Brebes, I Love You!


My bad, I have been very slack in updating you guys. February is the month of love, so, forgive me not? Yes? Thank you! :p

So, last month in January, I went to one place in Central Java, named Brebes. Probably all these times Jogjakarta will be the one that always pops up in our mind if we mention “Central Java”. In fact, Brebes Regency left me awed with all the greenery of plantation around the area. My eyes just wouldn’t want to look away from those green fields. I don’t need to go further exploration, I was already falling in love with the place.

Red onion and salted eggs are two things they are famous with. Yeap, those plantations are the red onion plantations. Besides that, their nationwide award-winning mangrove forest is worth the visit, too. It is the biggest mangrove forest I have ever seen so far in Indonesia. So, I wasn’t really surprised when the staff from Pandansari Mangrove told me that students from other cities and also neighbourhood countries purposely come to Brebes to learn from them. They won an award for a reason, didn’t they?

Brebes has its dark history in the past where the village was totally drowned by the flood because of human mistakes, their own mistakes for destroying all the mangroves. But now, it is slowly arising to be the next star of Central Java.

Hmm…I think I shall plan a trip to go there next time. Will you come with me? :)

Till then ~