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Are You Ready to Travel?

Hi, Explorers! This is my 1st bulletin after the last one that was written in June 2020. YES. TWO YEARS AGO. (inhale. phew.) When the pandemic started, I believe no one ever thought that it would happen in their whole life ever. If you read…

Life After Back to the Reality.

Hi, Explorers! I am now in a different kind of mood greeting you all! Well, at least a better mood than the last few months. I believe all of you do feel the same, too! As of this week, people in Jakarta is officially back to the office…

Almost End of Another Month. Some Shows to Watch.

Just checking out how have you all been? It is already almost three months now and I can say this is the longest ever for me to stay at home. Some of you have asked me how I can survive so long without going to the mountain and the sea. Haha..well.…

Remember to take a break

Who would expect that we are taking a break longer than we ever thought of? It is a difficult time for most of the people in any part of the world – regardless of the industry. Not all but most of them got hit badly especially in tourism. I…
eazycation-komodo national park

New Year. New Beginning.

Or a betterment from last year? Anyway, whatever it is, I would like to wish everyone a super great year ahead, healthy, happy, and not to forget, more exploring, too! :) Last November, we went to Komodo National Park. 12 of us in the…

Komodo National Park, Will It Close Anytime Soon?

As many news going around about the closure of Komodo National Park in 2020 until further notice which later on it was reconfirmed that only the main Komodo Island itself that will be closed while other islands remain open. While some people…
eazycation-gunung gede

It’s 5ºC on Mount Gede

That night, our group of 7, divided into two groups. Five of us camped at Alun-Alun Surya Kencana while the other two camped on the summit of Mount Gede with a rented tent from a kiosk that selling hot drink and meals near there. They were…
eazycation-snorkelling is not swimming

Snorkelling is not Swimming

How many of us still think that snorkelling is the same as swimming?Okay, probably it does involve swimming skill to snorkel but still, both are two different things. With the earth which 70% covered up by the water, plus, one of the main…

Don’t Give Up Exploring Indonesia

I am not sure how many of you noticed that the domestic airfares have experienced some adjustment since the beginning of this year, unfortunately, a little higher than before. I won't sugar-coat what I am about to say. As a planner and…

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