Don’t Give Up Exploring Indonesia


I am not sure how many of you noticed that the domestic airfares have experienced some adjustment since the beginning of this year, unfortunately, a little higher than before. I won’t sugar-coat what I am about to say. As a planner and the organizer myself, I feel the hit. I was frustrated – calculating the costs and finding the best route and ways to get you to the destination with the minimum cost. However, I still find the cost sometimes is ridiculous. I almost gave up.

I had a conversation with a few local operators and guides that they do also get the same hit. Even I heard that some hotels are reducing their prices to make up the guests for the airfares they pay for.

I admit it. To travel and to explore Indonesia, especially to not so well-developed yet areas, the price we have to pay is more than enough to send us to travel to other countries that offer much better facilities. It is not seldom I heard people commented, “Why spend so much just to travel to Indonesia? Might as well we go to country A or B (and so on)”

Yes, the choice is yours.

Just that on the side note, we have to also remember that Indonesia, although, it may still be considered as the third world country by some people,  so left behind in everything, lack of maintenance in many ways, corrupted people, maybe? But, it is still a country that offers some experiences and values that worth every cents and effort of ours for coming here.

Every country is unique in its own way. A comparison is not necessary.

I am curious how everything is going to turn out with all the changes from the private sectors and the government. Nevertheless, I only hope I will still see you somewhere in Indonesia, sometimes this year. :)  

Until then.