Happy New Year 2019!

eazycation-bulletin-raja ampat

We are still in the first month of the year. It is still not too late. I think. :p

Last month – December 2018, we had more adventures than in other months. We went hiking at Mount Papandayan in Garut in the early of the month and then to Bunaken and Lembeh during Christmas weekend. Lastly, we spent our new year together in Sorong City at West Papua right after our trip to Raja Ampat.

I am glad that everyone enjoyed the trip. Personally, I felt happy that there were a few first-timer to hiking and snorkelling who joined us. It always great to know that more and more people interested in going outdoors. There is one sort of happiness to see people come together to enjoy nature.


There was one member asked me how long more I will be organizing trips like this? I said,“Maybe one year more or two years more.” But in my heart, I know I will want to do this as long as I can although I might not be the one to lead anymore.

If you have not already known, since the first outing until now, it’s been 5 years. On the side note, whenever you join the trip I organize, you are not only supporting me but also supporting the locals at the destination we are heading to, too. And I am really thankful for that. :)


To bring more people to get to know Indonesia and to remind people to take a break are always be my aims. Everyone works hard and everyone deserves to have a break. Although it doesn’t mean that you always have to join my trip but just remember to take a break no matter how busy you are.

In this 2019, I don’t hope much. I just wish that all of you always stay happy, healthy and never stopped being active. Love the nature as much as we love the people.

Until next time!