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Eazycation at Raja Ampat

Hey, Explorers!

I know it’s been three months since my last updates. I have been doing well, and I hope you have been well. Year-end and early of the year are usually busy or slow for me. I think it was the earlier one for me.

In December, two groups visited Raja Ampat, which was exciting. Although it wasn’t the first group that trusted me to arrange their holiday last year, it was the first two groups I led after such a long break since the pandemic. To be honest, I was nervous.

“Will everything go well?”
“Did I miss something?”
“Will they enjoy the trip?”

.. and much more.

I checked and rechecked, making sure nothing was missed. I must admit that it wasn’t going well 100% as I expected it to be. But I could still tell we all left with good memories of the trip. :)

eazycation on top of Wayag

Wayag, Raja Ampat Islands

I spent a amount of time visiting my family in Singapore for the Chinese New Year in January and half of February. Even though we didn’t attach to the tradition so much anymore, we still take this opportunity to gather together – it is like a reminder for me to take a break and set aside time for family. It was also great meeting friends with whom I had not been catching up  since the pandemic.

A few days after returning from Singapore, I received a familiarisation trip invitation from the Jakarta Tourism Board to reintroduce the Thousand Islands – a group of islands across from Jakarta. The name “Thousand Islands” in Jakarta may sound familiar because our group was there in 2014. It has been almost nine years since we explored that side of Jakarta and Bogor’s highland.

During the familiarisation trip, we stayed on Pramuka Island, the same island we stayed on with the group last time. It has changed so much since then. It is a good change, though. The facilities on Pramuka Island have improved much.

Besides the turtle sanctuary, there is a seahorse hatchery centre, too. It is interesting to see the tiny seahorse babies. Another fun part of staying on Pramuka Island is that we can rent a kayak and kayaking on the other side of the island, where the water is calm along the sandy beach. Island hopping and snorkelling are definitely two things to do that shall not be missed!

Sunrise Beach, Pramuka Islands, Indonesia

Baby Seahorse a.k.a fry

Sea turtles hatchling

Sea turtles hatchling


Now, talking about the upcoming trips, I will only be organising a few longer trips this year which are:

– Derawan Islands (Kalimantan)
– Togean Islands (Sulawesi)
– Mt. Rinjani (Lombok)
– Banda Aceh & Sabang (Aceh)
– Fakfak (West Papua)

If you follow my newsletter, those places may sound familiar to you because I shared about them before. :) As usual, I will keep the group small to not more than 12 pax – unless I stated otherwise to keep the prices more reasonable.

In between those, I will try to organize smaller trips for short getaways. If you do have any places in mind around Indonesia that you would like to visit however it isn’t on the list, please feel free to let me know. Also, it is possible to request a private trip, too!

To get the first trip updates, please join our Facebook Group here.

Eazycation Facebook Group



A Little Update About Eazycation

This year, I am trying to grow the team to serve more people who wish to have a holiday in Indonesia. To be honest, it has been a roller coaster journey for me in running this business. Whenever I think I got it stabilized already, an unexpected thing hits me hard – the latest one that hit everyone, too, was the pandemic. I can’t be thankful enough for those who supported me during those hard times.

But, well, through this first update from me in 2023, I would like to inform everyone that Eazycation is officially back to business!

Hope to see you guys soon! In the meantime, take care and stay healthy! :)


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