Life After Back to the Reality.


Hi, Explorers!

I am now in a different kind of mood greeting you all! Well, at least a better mood than the last few months. I believe all of you do feel the same, too! As of this week, people in Jakarta is officially back to the office to work. Some companies do arrange their staffs to come in shifts or back to the office in batches while some companies still allow their staffs to work from home.

I also heard that Pulau Seribu in Jakarta is opening up this week – however, the people are not ready to welcome visitor yet. If nothing changes, Bali is opening soon next month, and a few other places that I heard of have opened to welcoming visitors. Let’s hope that other places will follow gradually when the places and also the people are ready. And oh, all shopping mall in Jakarta is allowed to open already starting from today!

I wish that I could immediately pack up and go off somewhere and ask as many as possible of you to join me. However, besides not all country borders open yet, regardless of the urges, we should prepare ourselves for the new regulations or protocols in travelling as well – which I am following the possibly updates that have been released especially in Indonesia. I will share when everything is clear so no confusions will happen. So please, don’t confuse and let yourself in worries with some irresponsible news from unclear sources that spread like wildfire.

In here, I also personally would like to thanks to those who have initiated to support and made some contributions to one of the guides that I have been working together for years. It will certainly be really helpful for him and his family to sustain during a time like this. To me, knowing this is more than enough to keep me stay motivated during this non-travelling period. Haha.. I am delighted. :)

Another thing is, I decided to let go of Meetup Groups – Indonesia Explorers (Eazycation) and also Jakarta International Explorers (JIE) that I had maintained since 2013. The reason is that I have not been seeing any more activities, be it visit or RSVP, on the group for almost the last two years. We all started with Meetup but I think it is really the time to let go already. So, to continue keeping in touch with us, other members, and receive updates from us, I encourage you to join our Facebook Group. It is a private group, please just request to join and I will approve it manually. And to be clear, this is not the end yet. Haha..we just moved our communication onto Facebook. ;)

Well, nevertheless, I am excited! How about you? Let’s maintain the excitement until we all can meet and travel again, shall we?

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep in touch!

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