Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Plus 10th Anniversary Surprise!

Hey, Explorers!

I apologize for the late updates!

We are back from Ambon and Banda Neira! There was a bit challenge during this trip because our flight from Ambon to Banda Neira got rescheduled to days later than our original date. Because of that, instead of spending time on an hour-long flight, we had to spend on a 16-hour-long ferry ride instead. The same happens to our journey back to Ambon from Banda. Despite all that, we were thankful that we didn’t miss much because of the changes.

While for the underwater world, it is insane! The fish is abundant. We were swimming among the fish almost on every dive. Meanwhile, I got updates from snorkelers saying that the sites were good, too!

I wish I could divide myself into two to check out the snorkelling and diving sites with my own eyes. So, seems like we will go back there again next year! :)

Tossa – the local type of transportation

The laid-back life in Banda Neira

Lava Flow – One of the dive site that was formed after the eruption of Mount Api in Banda about 30 years ago

The slope where the lava passed before now is full of these beautiful corals

10th Anniversary Indonesia Explorers

In October 2013, nine members of the Indonesia Explorers Meetup Group decided to climb Mount Agung in Bali. That was our first Indonesia Explorers trip with almost all newbie hikers – the story was funny how we all quite suffered after the hike but it was a good memory for all of us and a story that we could laugh for many years to come.

Were you a member of the Indonesia Explorer Meetup Group?

From one trip request to another, and another one, and another one.
And 10 years later, we are still here.Thanks for all your support all these times by joining the trips, giving encouragement, for the friendship, the fun and the laughter. Also to all of you who always read the newsletter, thank you.Feel free to enjoy the special discount given to all our Indonesia Explorers (Eazycation) members, Facebook Group members, and also to all our newsletter subscribers!

• 10% OFF for all group trips in 2024
• Max. discount at S$100 or IDR1.000.000,- per trip
• Limited to 2 trips per member
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Stay tuned for our 2024 schedule!
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Lastly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!