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How to Join the Trip

It is as simple as 1, 2, and 3!

1. Create an account

Create an account to enjoy the member benefits or you can create it later during the checkout process.

2. Add to cart

Group Tour

Browse through the scheduled trip and add the trip you are interested to join to cart with the number of people that you will be joining with.

Private Tour

If you want to go for a private tour with your own group of friends, you can go to any trips listed choose the private tour under the drop down box and enter your desired travel date.

Custom Tour

if you would prefer to customize the trip based on your preferences, you can do so by filling this form. We will keep in touch with you to make your trip happens!

3. Make payment

After we receive your orders, we will verify and send an invoice with the payment instruction for you to proceed with the payment. Do not make any payment until you receive the invoice from us.

When you make a booking with us, you are deemed to understand our terms and conditions.

How to Make Payment

There are three payment options available:

1. Direct bank transfer

DBS Singapore or BCA Indonesia

2. Transferwise

You can make payment using your debit or credit card via Transferwise (you need to create an account). Bank and card fees around 2.6%-3% from the total amount applies (to be borne by customers.) however, it is lower than other online payment platforms in the market. To calculate the fees, please go to this Transferwise calculator.

3. Marketplace

Some of our trips are listed on the marketplace such as 3playgrounds (Singapore) as well as Tokopedia (Indonesia) which give you more flexibility and advantages in making payment. Account registration is needed for using both platforms.

All payments will be in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) or Singapore Dollar (SGD).

What’s Next

After booking and payment completed. We will add you to the group chat and notify everyone once the trip has met the minimum number of pax and to proceed with all the necessary booking and arrangements.

If we fail to meet by the deadline, we will offer to still proceed the trip with the cost or package adjustment or we will fully refund the amount to all participants. We will seek for participant’s approval either way.

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