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If you have been with me for more than five years, you should have known that we used to have a Meetup Group called “Indonesia Explorers” – that was how we started, as we shared the story here. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of the activity on the platform plus the three-year shutdown period that hit all of us, so I decided to close down the group.

I thought for a long time about starting with a new group because apart from the reasons mentioned earlier, it was also because I found it too difficult to handle and update multiple platforms. However, I guess if it does help to keep members well-informed this way, I should not give it a pass.

So, here is our new Meetup Group – “Eazycation Explorers! I omit the word “Indonesia” because we will soon no longer only be exploring Indonesia. Let’s see how it goes.


If you are based in Indonesia, you can join this group instead. Do join us and see you outdoors soon! :)