Hi Tracy,
Thank you for hosting us very well and accommodating everyone’s needs.
You were superb.
The Group had a great time throughout and I’ll mention with Piotr about the diving options.
I hope to see you again on the next trip.
Until then, take care and regards to the Crew.



Komodo is a very beautiful place. It offers hiking, snorkelling and diving. The waters are very clear and marine life are plentiful. We saw Oceanic Manta, Turtles, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Razorfish, Lizardfish and many more.

We also did a hike to a summit to see the famous 3 colors beaches at dawn. And a short walk on Komodo Island to see the dragons and its natural habitat.

Very grateful for Tracy to organise this trip.

2 Days isn’t enough for us to have a vacation with EAZYCATION. It’s a Corporate Gathering, and not all of us have snorkeled before but with a great guide from EAZYCATION team, WE WANT MORE!

With an affordable price and an option to make a custom event that can suit anything you want for your vacation. Give it to EAZYCATION and they will make your travel-wish come true.

Thanks a lot EAZYCATION :)



Enjoyed the hike a lot. Met a lot of new friends!

Sunny weather, cool and clear water reflecting the blue of the skies was ideal for snorkelling, seeing corals and fishes. Afterwards, a sharing of local snacks and coconuts drinks to top it off – the bonding converted us from strangers to friends. It was a pleasant trip that became a fantastic one, all thanks to our organizer, Tracy :) she brought us together and transformed a simple island into a memorable place.

Met some new friends and they were great company. Tracy is a great leader, friendly, attentive and caring.

The food is simple and tasty. Thanks to Tracy who specially ordered a BBQ grouper and fried small crabs, well done and tasty.

Snorkeling around the island is not too bad, water is clear. A good site is Pulau Payung Kecil, can see coral fishes and various conch, ie spider conch.

Thank you Tracy for the trip, looking forward to the next trip.