On February last month, I had the privilege to be one of the invitees of the Familiarization Trip (Fam Trip) held by Central Java Tourism Board. We spent three days two nights to explore Kebumen and Purworejo which are regencies in the southern part of the Indonesian province of Central Java. We explore a few places during the trip and here I will just quickly share one.

Superman Big Sister Waterfall in Goa Barat, Kebumen

Goa Barat, one of the caves found in Kebumen Regency. It was named so by the local because wind often blowing out from the cave. ‘Goa’ in Javanese means wind and ‘Barat’ means west. So, Goa Barat means wind from the west.

I was amazed by how big the cave and how high the ceiling is. The terrain is also different compared to Buniayu Cave in Sukabumi, West Java. Here is mostly wet with debit water at a certain area up to chest high. But not to worry, we are equipped with a life jacket, safety helmet and also rubber shoes (kind of ‘kampung Adidas’) during our exploration.

What is so unique about the cave is we can find a number of waterfalls inside the cave. Big and small waterfalls, with the biggest waterfall as high as 32 meters which have a quite cute name – Superman Big SisterNarh, don’t ask me why they give it that name. Probably because it is strong and fierce like big sisters in common. (no offence to all sisters here! :p)

I did some video recording when I was in there. Hope you enjoy it!

[Featured image: Explore Kebumen]