Introducing Eazy: A Travel Planner & Tour Oganizer

eazycation-travel planner Indonesia

It’s been two years since I left my full-time job. Long enough to figure out what I want to do next – yes, I am doing what I want to do and have been longing to do. Last year, I tried to put all my focus and efforts in developing my travel blog and also starting my travel business with one business partner, unfortunately, it didn’t go well and it had impacted my health somehow, hence, I decided to stop and move on from everything that dragging and ruining myself, literally.

Eazy, who is she?

So, as suggested by few of my friends, to take a fresh start and to separate my travel blog with my travel business, so, here it is. Eazycation, or fondly called as Eazy, a platform specifically to cater all my travel planning service matters and also group tours that I organize. Slowly, I will also move out from the online group platform that I am currently using and build an exclusive community here on Eazycation.

Why I don’t turn to other industry?

Simply because I am enjoying doing all these. There are plus and minus in every work we do, in whatever profession we are. And I choose to be in this industry not only because I love all the planning matters but also because I am happy to see my clients going back to their country or city feeling refreshed and happy. Seeing a family has a quality time together, people come alone and go back with new friends, people are encouraged to try new things – snorkeling, diving, trekking, and much more. Although yes, not every trip goes smooth and sweet as I or all of us wish to be. But hey, keep swimming.

Eazy offers travel planning services for group or private tours as well as for family and company outing. Eazy builds partnership with the local agents to deliver the best service as possible to the clients.

It is definitely not an easy start to build something from zero and hopefully, everything goes well. And the good news is, I am currently in the midst of discussing with two overseas agents which I expect to finalize the latest by end of June. So, Eazycation will not only cater tours to Indonesia but will also expand to other neighboring countries. Just keep me in your prayer because all this can only be realized by supports of people around me which I believe that is including you. :)

Use #EazyTrips to share with me your travel photos wherever you go.Should you have any constructive feedbacks for me, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]. Keep in touch!