Taka – Bone – Rate. Please Repeat After Me!

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When I heard about this place for the first time, I had a hard time to pronounce and to remember the name. After repeating it a few times, I finally got it right. Taka Bonerate. In Buginese language (Buginese is one of the ethnic groups in Indonesia), Taka means coral/reef, bone means sands and rate means above. So, in all, Taka Bonerate means corals island over the sands.

The meaning of the name itself has explained it all. Taka Bonerate is one of the marine national parks in Indonesia which is located in Selayar Province, South Sulawesi. This park has the 3rd largest atoll in the world, after Kwajifein in the Marshall Islands and Suvadiva in the Maldives. The park spreads over 220.000 hectares, with a coral reef flat area is 500 km2 and comprises of more than 21 small islands.

To get here, we need a little extra effort though. Starts from Makassar then to Selayar Island and finally to Taka Bonerate. A quite long journey with multiple connections from the land to the sea transportation. But well, that’s a part of the journey and experience as well. Don’t you think so, Explorers? :)

Why am I telling you all these?

Because we will be heading there next month from November 18-22! We will start from Makassar around 4 am in the morning as all participants expected to reach Makassar by that time via Jakarta. Then for the next 4 days, we will be exploring islands around Taka Bonerate and back to Makassar on the 4th night and stay one night in Makassar. What’s more exciting is, this will be our IDE first trip to Sulawesi Island as well. Yay!

Then, from Taka Bonerate, we will continue to the highland of South Sulawesi – Torajaland or Tana Toraja, from November 22-26. Before heading there, we will first visit Rammang-Rammang Limestone Forest that is scattered for about 45 000 hectares (45A km²) and this is the third largest karst areas in the world, after Tsingy in Madagascar and Shilin in China.

Rammang Rammang

While at Tana Toraja , we will learn more about the local culture where the locals although deeply Christian, they still maintain their animist beliefs on death, sending their dead off in extravagant ceremonies that last days. Besides that, we will also see the statue of Jesus which is currently higher than the one in Brazil. But, that’s not all, we will also see what other things Tana Toraja has to offer and that’s including the beautiful landscapes and of course the delicious coffee of Toraja! Going for a little walk around the local villages, markets and interactive with the locals, doesn’t it sound good? :)

There are many exciting group trips have been lining up to November 2018, based on the “best” timing to visit each place. Feel free to check it out on group schedule.

So, that’s all I have for you for this month. Enjoy the month of Halloween! Booo….!