Komodo National Park, Will It Close Anytime Soon?


As many news going around about the closure of Komodo National Park in 2020 until further notice which later on it was reconfirmed that only the main Komodo Island itself that will be closed while other islands remain open. While some people think that what is the point of going to Komodo Islands without stepping on the main island itself? Well, we will still get to see the Komodo Dragon on Rinca Island, just that probably, yes, it won’t be that satisfying for not seeing them on the island which is named after the largest lizard itself.

So, Eazy decided to make a trip to Komodo Islands this coming November (before the main island closes as per rumour). Besides that, I guess it is time to revisit this place. The last time we visited Komodo Islands was about 4 years ago. Although, I did visit there early of this year and I think that Labuan Bajo has changed quite a lot. However, the beauty of the Komodo National Park – the scenic view, the underwater, and the people, remains the same.

Again, will Komodo National Park close anytime soon?

As I am writing this, the latest update which just freshly in is that the plan has been called off. But, until everything is officially announced, it is still considered a rumour. Anyway, regardless of the final decision they will make, we will still go there. 3D2N Komodo Islands Live on Board trip, followed by 6D5N Flores Overland where we will be visiting Mt. Kelimutu, Riung Islands Marine Park, as well as the Wae Rebo Village. If these places have been long staying in your bucket list, don’t delay any longer. It is time to check these places out from the list. Join us this November.

See you soon!