New Year. New Beginning.

eazycation-komodo national park

Or a betterment from last year?

Anyway, whatever it is, I would like to wish everyone a super great year ahead, healthy, happy, and not to forget, more exploring, too! :)

Last November, we went to Komodo National Park. 12 of us in the group. Although it was supposed to be rainy season already, however, we didn’t really experience raining days. The grasses and the hills were all still dry and brown. The raining season came late. Not only in the Komodo Islands but also in other parts of Indonesia.

Nevertheless, we all saw the Komodo Dragons! We also saw Cuttlefish, Octopus, Manta Ray, and other interesting fish and marine creatures when we snorkelled. Personally, I am glad that we did this trip together last year.

After the Komodo Islands, six of us from the group continued to Ende for our Flores Overland Trip. We made it to Mt. Kelimutu, Riung National Park, as well as trekking up to the Waerebo Village. The weather was kind to us throughout the trip although it was a long journey on some of the days and the road condition was challenging. However, I believe, all was paid-off.

After Christmas, New Year, here come the Lunar New Year! There is one unusual trip that I organize for this very occasion – 4D3N Cap Go Meh Festival-The Supernatural Tatung Parade in Singkawang, IndonesiaIt might be the most bizarre Cap Go Meh we would have ever experienced. I think.

Then, we will also try to go to Banda Naira, Central of Maluku, in May. The journey can be quite challenging – comparable to going Taka Bonerate. The nearest airport is Ambon and from Ambon, we will be continuing by taking a fast boat (4-6 hours) or ferry ship (overnight in the cabin) to across to Banda Naira.

Now the question is: are you in?

To more exciting journeys ahead! :)