Remember to take a break


Who would expect that we are taking a break longer than we ever thought of?

It is a difficult time for most of the people in any part of the world – regardless of the industry. Not all but most of them got hit badly especially in tourism. I heard that many people lost their jobs – it is a sad truth. With the current situation, many companies and business owners try hard to survive. However, not few that have to dismiss their staffs either for temporary or until further notice.

I hope all of you are doing well.

Both in Singapore and Indonesia and other affected countries have been implementing tighter measures in order to contain the spread. All I hope is all of us to follow and remind each other to hold firm of the protocol.

No one knows when will this invisible enemy be gone. However, what we know is we pull up ourselves together in this, we can help to reduce the numbers. I think this is the only number that no one hopes to see it increases.

Let’s do our part to support those standing in the frontline by staying in and only go out for the necessities. Don’t make this is an option but a must.

Nevertheless, I thank those who have been checking on me for the last few weeks. :) It is a tough time but I am thankful that so far I am still in good health. Hope to see you all again soon in real – not via Zoom! :D

Stay healthy, productive and positive, Explorers!

Until next time! :)

P.S: I am still reachable as usual via Whatsapp or email! Keep in touch! ;)