The Second Half of the Year

Eazycation Sentul Trekking

Hey, Explorers!

We are supposed to be in the midst of the dry season, but it is still raining quite heavily now and then in Jakarta – and other places I visited recently. The unpredictable weather makes it challenging to make plans sometimes. However, one advantage is that it cools down the dry season heat! Phew…Well, we just need to prepare extra items for unexpected weather changes. Not much worries about that.

Anyway, the following are the trips that I would like to highlight for the second half of the year. There are Baliem Valley Festival, Explore Southern Taiwan, Explore South Sulawesi, Mount Merbabu Hiking, and a few more that you can find out more here. :)

We recently lost the last three months’ worth of emails due to some errors on our web hosting site. If you contacted us between April and recent weeks, please reach us again. We apologize if we missed your messages.

That’s all for now! The sun is out today!


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