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Komodo National Park, Will It Close Anytime Soon?

As many news going around about the closure of Komodo National Park in 2020 until further notice which later on it was reconfirmed that only the main Komodo Island itself that will be closed while other islands remain open. While some people…
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It’s 5ºC on Mount Gede

That night, our group of 7, divided into two groups. Five of us camped at Alun-Alun Surya Kencana while the other two camped on the summit of Mount Gede with a rented tent from a kiosk that selling hot drink and meals near there. They were…
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Snorkelling is not Swimming

How many of us still think that snorkelling is the same as swimming?Okay, probably it does involve swimming skill to snorkel but still, both are two different things. With the earth which 70% covered up by the water, plus, one of the main…

Don’t Give Up Exploring Indonesia

I am not sure how many of you noticed that the domestic airfares have experienced some adjustment since the beginning of this year, unfortunately, a little higher than before. I won't sugar-coat what I am about to say. As a planner and…

Let’s Explore Komodo Islands in a More Luxurious Way

Well, it may still be far from the standard of what people think about luxury in common. But, tell ya, it is still a luxury. Especially in the Komodo Islands, Indonesia. I remember our first trip to the Komodo Islands was in 2014. There…
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Happy New Year 2019!

We are still in the first month of the year. It is still not too late. I think. :p Last month – December 2018, we had more adventures than in other months. We went hiking at Mount Papandayan in Garut in the early of the month and then…

A Helping Hand for Central Sulawesi

We may already know that multiple earthquakes happened in Central Sulawesi with one that followed by 1.5 m to 4 m high tsunami hit Palu City.  As of this morning October 1st, 2018, 1203 casualties have been reported, 46 missing,…

Hey, IDE Members! You are invited to our new ‘home’!

After staying in our rented 'home' on Meetup for almost 5 years, we thought it is time for us to getting our own 'home' – a place where we all can be keeping in touch as a community and call it as our own. Hence, after a long consideration,…

Taka – Bone – Rate. Please Repeat After Me!

When I heard about this place for the first time, I had a hard time to pronounce and to remember the name. After repeating it a few times, I finally got it right. Taka Bonerate. In Buginese language (Buginese is one of the ethnic…

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