We may already know that multiple earthquakes happened in Central Sulawesi with one that followed by 1.5 m to 4 m high tsunami hit Palu City.  As of this morning October 1st, 2018, 1203 casualties have been reported, 46 missing, 540 injured, and more than 16,732 people have been evacuated and currently are living in the refugee camp.

The evacuation process is still on-going until now. As the damages are so great, some affected areas cannot be accessed easily due to the road condition that was ruined after the earthquake. Hope all people in Palu can stay strong until the help comes.

If you would like to see the full report of the situation as of today, please click on this linkUnfortunately, I only manage to get one in the Indonesian language.

If you would like to support by giving a donation, you may do so through  Yayasan Wahana Visi Indonesia by following below steps:

Transfer the amount to the bank account of Yayasan Wahana Visi Indonesia. The suggested amount is IDR500,000,-. Add “1” digits in the last nominal of your donation.
Example: IDR 500,001.

Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account No.: 
478 3019445

Send the proof of transfer via email to berbagi@wvi.or.id
or via Whatsapp to +62 811 1838 496.

All donations are counted regardless of the amount.

If you are in overseas, you may want to check out TransferWise.com on how to make the transfer easier. Sometimes, the admin fee is lower compared to transfer via the local bank.

Hope everything will be over soon.

After staying in our rented ‘home’ on Meetup for almost 5 years, we thought it is time for us to getting our own ‘home’ – a place where we all can be keeping in touch as a community and call it as our own. Hence, after a long consideration, we decided to close down the Indonesia Explorer (IDE) Meetup Group by end of November 2018. So, you still have time to access the group and download the photos or any other memories you have in there until then. How well we can do in our new home, no one knows. We take it as a growing process.

Even so, we hope that in the future, no matter where you are, especially for those who have been with us from the beginning, will remember we ever hike, trek and suffer together summited mountains in Indonesia, going to the villages in the remote areas, swim with the whale shark, see the graceful Manta Ray together, sleep in the open deck or even sleepless because we often catch early morning flights and sunrises. And it is Indonesia Explorer Meetup Group who has got us all – explorers, together.

Thank you for all your support all these years – for all the trusts and valuable feedback. Without all your support, IDE won’t be here until now. We hope we (especially myself) can always do better as an organizer and in some ways will still be continuing to explore and bring you to beautiful places around Indonesia – and hopefully also to other countries one day.

Btw, we won’t do any housewarming. Instead, we are giving S$25 voucher as an appreciation to each of you who comes to our new home on Eazycation.com. It might not be fully liveable yet, we are still tidying up a bit here and there so that you all can feel comfortable to browse around. Hope you will spread this good news to your friends and welcome them as you are the owner yourself.

Keep on exploring, explorers! Remember to take a break and take care! :)


Valid for one-time use per member /  Only valid for group trips /  The voucher shall be used for booking the latest by June 2019  /  No cash or credit alternative will be offered if this voucher is not redeemed / For members in Indonesia or members who choose to pay in Indonesian Rupiah, amount of IDR250,000,- will be deducted manually to any of your bookings

• Register an account on eazycation.com
• Browse through the group schedule to find out any upcoming trips that you might like to join
• Once you are ready to book, please add to cart any trips that you are interested in and the number of pax – regardless of the status “Open” or “Confirmed”
• On the cart summarize page, key in the “voucher code” and click apply coupon.
• The net amount payable after the offset will be reflected in the “Total”
• Follow the on-screen instructions to pay the remaining amount either by bank transfer or via PayPal

When I heard about this place for the first time, I had a hard time to pronounce and to remember the name. After repeating it a few times, I finally got it right. Taka Bonerate. In Buginese language (Buginese is one of the ethnic groups in Indonesia), Taka means coral/reef, bone means sands and rate means above. So, in all, Taka Bonerate means corals island over the sands.

The meaning of the name itself has explained it all. Taka Bonerate is one of the marine national parks in Indonesia which is located in Selayar Province, South Sulawesi. This park has the 3rd largest atoll in the world, after Kwajifein in the Marshall Islands and Suvadiva in the Maldives. The park spreads over 220.000 hectares, with a coral reef flat area is 500 km2 and comprises of more than 21 small islands.

To get here, we need a little extra effort though. Starts from Makassar then to Selayar Island and finally to Taka Bonerate. A quite long journey with multiple connections from the land to the sea transportation. But well, that’s a part of the journey and experience as well. Don’t you think so, Explorers? :)

Why am I telling you all these?

Because we will be heading there next month from November 18-22! We will start from Makassar around 4 am in the morning as all participants expected to reach Makassar by that time via Jakarta. Then for the next 4 days, we will be exploring islands around Taka Bonerate and back to Makassar on the 4th night and stay one night in Makassar. What’s more exciting is, this will be our IDE first trip to Sulawesi Island as well. Yay!

Then, from Taka Bonerate, we will continue to the highland of South Sulawesi – Torajaland or Tana Toraja, from November 22-26. Before heading there, we will first visit Rammang-Rammang Limestone Forest that is scattered for about 45 000 hectares (45A km²) and this is the third largest karst areas in the world, after Tsingy in Madagascar and Shilin in China.

Rammang Rammang

While at Tana Toraja , we will learn more about the local culture where the locals although deeply Christian, they still maintain their animist beliefs on death, sending their dead off in extravagant ceremonies that last days. Besides that, we will also see the statue of Jesus which is currently higher than the one in Brazil. But, that’s not all, we will also see what other things Tana Toraja has to offer and that’s including the beautiful landscapes and of course the delicious coffee of Toraja! Going for a little walk around the local villages, markets and interactive with the locals, doesn’t it sound good? :)

There are many exciting group trips have been lining up to November 2018, based on the “best” timing to visit each place. Feel free to check it out on group schedule.

So, that’s all I have for you for this month. Enjoy the month of Halloween! Booo….!

It’s been two years since I left my full-time job. Long enough to figure out what I want to do next – yes, I am doing what I want to do and have been longing to do. Last year, I tried to put all my focus and efforts in developing my travel blog and also starting my travel business with one business partner, unfortunately, it didn’t go well and it had impacted my health somehow, hence, I decided to stop and move on from everything that dragging and ruining myself, literally.

Eazy, who is she?

So, as suggested by few of my friends, to take a fresh start and to separate my travel blog with my travel business, so, here it is. Eazycation, or fondly called as Eazy, a platform specifically to cater all my travel planning service matters and also group tours that I organize. Slowly, I will also move out from the online group platform that I am currently using and build an exclusive community here on Eazycation.

Why I don’t turn to other industry?

Simply because I am enjoying doing all these. There are plus and minus in every work we do, in whatever profession we are. And I choose to be in this industry not only because I love all the planning matters but also because I am happy to see my clients going back to their country or city feeling refreshed and happy. Seeing a family has a quality time together, people come alone and go back with new friends, people are encouraged to try new things – snorkeling, diving, trekking, and much more. Although yes, not every trip goes smooth and sweet as I or all of us wish to be. But hey, keep swimming.

Eazy offers travel planning services for group or private tours as well as for family and company outing. Eazy builds partnership with the local agents to deliver the best service as possible to the clients.

It is definitely not an easy start to build something from zero and hopefully, everything goes well. And the good news is, I am currently in the midst of discussing with two overseas agents which I expect to finalize the latest by end of June. So, Eazycation will not only cater tours to Indonesia but will also expand to other neighboring countries. Just keep me in your prayer because all this can only be realized by supports of people around me which I believe that is including you. :)

Use #EazyTrips to share with me your travel photos wherever you go.Should you have any constructive feedbacks for me, feel free to drop me an email at mail@eazycation.com. Keep in touch!

On February last month, I had the privilege to be one of the invitees of the Familiarization Trip (Fam Trip) held by Central Java Tourism Board. We spent three days two nights to explore Kebumen and Purworejo which are regencies in the southern part of the Indonesian province of Central Java. We explore a few places during the trip and here I will just quickly share one.

Superman Big Sister Waterfall in Goa Barat, Kebumen

Goa Barat, one of the caves found in Kebumen Regency. It was named so by the local because wind often blowing out from the cave. ‘Goa’ in Javanese means wind and ‘Barat’ means west. So, Goa Barat means wind from the west.

I was amazed by how big the cave and how high the ceiling is. The terrain is also different compared to Buniayu Cave in Sukabumi, West Java. Here is mostly wet with debit water at a certain area up to chest high. But not to worry, we are equipped with a life jacket, safety helmet and also rubber shoes (kind of ‘kampung Adidas’) during our exploration.

What is so unique about the cave is we can find a number of waterfalls inside the cave. Big and small waterfalls, with the biggest waterfall as high as 32 meters which have a quite cute name – Superman Big SisterNarh, don’t ask me why they give it that name. Probably because it is strong and fierce like big sisters in common. (no offence to all sisters here! :p)

I did some video recording when I was in there. Hope you enjoy it!

[Featured image: Explore Kebumen]

My bad, I have been very slack in updating you guys. February is the month of love, so, forgive me not? Yes? Thank you! :p

So, last month in January, I went to one place in Central Java, named Brebes. Probably all these times Jogjakarta will be the one that always pops up in our mind if we mention “Central Java”. In fact, Brebes Regency left me awed with all the greenery of plantation around the area. My eyes just wouldn’t want to look away from those green fields. I don’t need to go further exploration, I was already falling in love with the place.

Red onion and salted eggs are two things they are famous with. Yeap, those plantations are the red onion plantations. Besides that, their nationwide award-winning mangrove forest is worth the visit, too. It is the biggest mangrove forest I have ever seen so far in Indonesia. So, I wasn’t really surprised when the staff from Pandansari Mangrove told me that students from other cities and also neighbourhood countries purposely come to Brebes to learn from them. They won an award for a reason, didn’t they?

Brebes has its dark history in the past where the village was totally drowned by the flood because of human mistakes, their own mistakes for destroying all the mangroves. But now, it is slowly arising to be the next star of Central Java.

Hmm…I think I shall plan a trip to go there next time. Will you come with me? :)

Till then ~